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From the roots to the sea


Our field of activity covers three complementary environments:

  • the coast

  • the maritime environment

  • the underwater environment

Within these three environments, we focus our efforts on two types of ecosystems in particular:

Mangroves and coral reefs.

Thus, we carry out our activities on these four priority axes:


Atelier artistique en collaboration avec la mairie de Sainte-Luce 2..HEIC

We are committed to the transmission of knowledge, through environmental awareness and education.

We address audiences of all ages, focusing in particular on the youngest for lasting change.


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We facilitate the training of our members for their contribution to the protection of marine and coastal biodiversity.

This includes initiations and training in scuba diving, discovery and monitoring of threatened and/or protected species (sea turtles, rays, sharks), simplified biological monitoring (inventory, state of health) and ecosystem restoration


PHOTO-2021-12-06-20-42-23 (1).jpg

We develop projects to protect marine (coral reefs) and coastal (mangroves) ecosystems, through active (planting, cuttings) and passive (natural regeneration) restoration. We also organize site clean-ups (beaches, mangroves, underwater environment) always accompanied by awareness of ecosystem pollution


ROOTS OF THE SEA rasin lanme(1).png

When we are not in the field, we communicate in favor of environmental protection and warn about threats to ecosystems and species, via traditional media and social networks.

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